16Jun 2013

{lang: ‘hu’}Yesterday I decided that I’m going to extend the functionality of my “learn words” application. With the new functionality the user will be able to listen to a given word or expression and I hope this way it will be more easier to learn the words and expressions. I didn’t know where to start […]

19Apr 2013

{lang: ‘hu’}To check dirs: <exec command=”if [ -d ‘/path/to/dir’ ]; then echo ‘true’; else echo ‘false’; fi;” outputProperty=”output.IS_DIRECTORY_EXISTS” /> <if> <equals arg1=”${output.IS_DIRECTORY_EXISTS}” arg2=”true” /> <then> <!– If dir exists –> </then> <else> <!– If dir doesn’t exist –> </else> </if> To check files: <property name=”output.IS_FILE_EXISTS” value=”false” /> <exec command=”if [ -f ‘/path/to/file’ ]; then echo […]